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Gondwana Conservation and Research e. V. is a Non-Governmental Organisation, registered in Germany as "Eingetragener Verein" with the goals of fostering conservation and research on the threatened tropical fauna, mainly in Madagascar.

Click here for informations on the ACSAM workshop and the resulting amphibian conservation activities in Madagascar.

More information to come soon.

Links to the homepages of some GCR members:

Franco Andreone

Frank Glaw

Miguel Vences

Denis Vallan

David R. Vieites

Here you can access to PDF files of the Malagasy language translation of the "Field Guide to the Amphibians and Reptiles of Madagascar", Third edition, published in 2007 (English version available from www.chimaira.de).

The translation was funded by the Worldbank Local Language Field Guide Program, and further supported by the Volkswagen Foundation.

Please cite this book as: Glaw, F. & M. Vences (2007) Ny Toro-Hai Momba ny Amphibia sy ny Reptlia an'i Madagasikara (eds. R. D. Randrianiaina, F. C. E. Rabemananjara, N. Ramilijaona, O. Ravoahangimalala Ramilijaona, R. Dolch & M. Vences). – Köln, Vences & Glaw, 496 pp. (ISBN 978-3-929449-04-4).

Download title page (JPEG) in higher resolution

Download full version of book in 50 dpi resolution (22 MB)

Download Introduction of book in 100 dpi resolution (8MB)

Download species accounts of amphibians in 50 dpi resolution (9 MB)

Download species accounts of reptiles in 50 dpi resolution (10 MB)

Here you can download feedback in the Malagasy press from 4 March 2008 on the release of this fieldguide.